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Mar. 23rd, 2005 @ 09:03 pm It has been so long.
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I don't know where to start, everything has been such a blur.

To be honest I thought moving to London would be one big party, reality struck!

I'm going to try and sum up everything thats happend.

The girls on the course are lovely, all though George is a complete diva. Learnt a lot about make up aswell as a bit of history which is all ways good. Infact I'm turning into a period drama whore.

Stayed with a girl called Allie for a weekend, She took me to a charasmatic worship group. Quite a scary time, to me God was something good, loving, something to not be scared of, but this group of people made it out to be that your family and friends are going to hell. I wasn't too pleased.

Been speaking to Raz (met him at Reading Festival), keep planning to meet up, but every time I suggest a time he says he can't and likewise with him. My Dad has a flat at Tower Bridge, but it's mine at weekends so I'm thinking of getting Raz, Rose, Caz and maybe Raz's mates to come down for the weekend.

Just a note: I'm feeling rather sick, I have viral flue and have given it to Rose (SORRY!!).

Fallen out with my cousin Zoe, she's a nasty piece of work. I stayed with her over a weekend, funny night, ended up at a strip club (some girls boobs are massive!), came home had a good conversation that somehow ended up with me being called pathetic etc, this went on for an hour, I was in tears, I woke up at 7 the next morning and comuted home. My eyes where puffy from where I had been sobbing.

Theres this guy, I have recently found out he's close to suicide because of his alcohol addiction, I have been praying for him, it's so sad.

On a lighter note, going to the pub tommorrow, seeing Caz and Rose (if shes better).

Oh oh oh...have you guys seen the line up for Reading!?!? Kasabian!!Manson!!QOTSA!!IGGY!! ok, I wont list them all, but check the list out..I'm so happy! This year is going to be great, hopefully more sun!

This is my Elizabethan make up and hair (keep in mind this would be for stage..I wouldn't sope over her eyebrows for Tv)

This is Marion (shes 50!)..my 18th centuary make up, the wig was fun to do even though it always fell off!!!!

I quite enjoy dressing wigs!

Chloe x

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